Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scotchman Peak Hike 9/17-18 2011

Friday we drove to Clark Fork ID and overnighter at the trailhead to Scotchman Peak, the highest point in Bonners County, 7020'. Last year we attempted this peak but had to abort when one of the boys had a problem.

This year we succeed. We had a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. We took down camp and stowed it in the trucks and were at the trailhead by 8:30. It was a 10mile hike and we gained 3800' of elevation. It worked us. The boys did trail repair and we had some first aid instruction along the way.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Camp (cold) Cowles Outdoor Leadership Skills Trng

Friday, Howard Ashby, Kameron Barnett, Mike Taylor and I attended adult Boy Scout leaders training at Camp Cowles...in a word-MISERABLE. We had rain both days, cold temps, sleet and some wind to boot. We did have good food and good fellowship. We resolved that we'd work harder to make troop meetings more fun and better prepare our boys with better teaching skills. We really appreciate the work the council and volunteers went through for us.
Too bad you weren't there to see our skit. Had there been a competition, I am sure we would have taken first place.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring (Showers) Camporee-Camp Easton

Troop 323-The few, the proud, the brave-braved the threatening weather and had a great time at Camp Easton on Lake CDA this past weekend.

The theme was Wilderness Survival. Zac and Daniel proudly wear the Wilderness Survival MB on their uniforms don't take anything for granted and honed their skills as they helped Isaac Grimesey work toward completing the MB.

Isaac braved the winds and rain and slept out under his own shelter and told me if he got wet he'd just have to tough it out. We were one of only a couple troops that showed our true colors by attending camp.

When asked what the first aid is for sunburn, Zac McMaster gave the fitting answer of;
"Man Up!"

We chose Bedrock as our campsite and noted the damage in the camp. Brother Ashby suggested we tackle a repair, which we did. We used our lashing skills for two beams that had come down since last summer. We are proud to have left the camp much better than we found it.

For dinner we had an outstanding meal cooked over a bed of coals. All meals were not just edible but desirable.

Breakfast was sausage, scrambled eggs, bagels and bananas.

Lunch was a sack lunch and dinner some mac and cheese with garden peas.

We hiked to the black powder range and built an improvised shelter from what we could glean off the ground to show Issac how it can be done.

I am proud of our scouts, their ruggedness and determination. We will surely appreciate a warm summer day next time

Chris Howell SM 323
Howard Ashby ASM

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rock Show at the Fairgrounds

We missed all the boys but Daniel Springman....too bad he had to eat for the whole troop by going to Five Boys afterwards. Geology is pretty darn cool we decided after seeing gems being faceted, petrified trees, potato geodes, fish fossils and DUNG...oh yeah don't eat that Daniel!!! We saw pearls and rubies and all kinds of pretty cool rocks, minerals and gems from all over the world.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hog Lake/Fishtrap Lake Campout March 25-26th

The theme for March and April is Geology. As part of this MB we camped at Hog Lake and hiked to Fishtrap Lake. Howard Ashby talked to us about how streams can become ponds and marshes with sediment from the erosion and build up. We saw this along Hog Creek where logs had fallen into the stream creating a dam and promoting vegetation to grow.

We were blessed with very little rain and beautiful weather.

Friday night we set up camp overlooking Hog Lake. We had a nice hot dinner of chili and french bread. Our campfire included songs and scripture study.

Saturday we had french toast and bacon with oranges.

We hiked to the inlet of Hog Lake and the waterfalls and then Zac led us to Fishtrap Lake where we ate lunch and returned to camp.

We came home with memories and a reptile-ask Daniel about his snake.

Chris Howell
Howard Ashby
Kameron Barnett
Joe Geren

Thursday, February 24, 2011

President's Day Hike-20 miler in Spokane

Last year Troop 323 did a 20 mile day hike at Escure Ranch; a 20 sq mile sheep ranch south of Sprague Lake. The purpose was to satisfy the toughest requirement of the hiking merit badge; a 20 mile hike in one day. This year I took inspiration from an article in the Spokesman Review, titled the City Wandered. The author did a 3 day, 53 mile backpack trip starting from his home near Northtown Mall. We left about 6:40 am on a holiday! We drove north to Painted Rocks (indian petroglyphs) on the Little Spokane River. We hiked downstream to the confluence of the Spokane River then up the Spokane River to Latah Creek, up Latah to the South Hill for a total of 20 miles in approx 9 hrs. Thanks to James Clark, Howard Ashby and Michael Whiting we had an awesome experience and a lot of laughs, besides getting much better acquainted with our fair city. James showed us graphically how to avoid needing first aid, Michael taught us that Abe Lincoln never drank liquor nor smoked and walked three miles to return a few penny overcharge, Howard will yet teach us a fun song on the next outing.

Zac, Curtis and Daniel epitomized manly men!

Well done Troop 323.